Bl International Smart School Biss Job Openings in India

16 Bl International Smart School Biss Job Openings in India

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Primary Teacher-English

A high school English teacher's job is to prepare students for college and career. Prepare students for grade advancement through subject-specific assessments...

Primary Teacher-Science

Science teachers not only help answer questions, they inspire their students to seek out the answers for themselves. A science education includes subjects

Physical Education Teacher

Physical education teachers help children develop physical abilities and healthy habits that can last for the rest of their lives. Becoming a physical

Primary Teacher-Social Studies

Although students of every grade level are taught social studies, teachers who specialize in social studies, called 'social studies teachers,' are typically...

Arts Teacher

Primary school art teachers oversee the production of paintings, drawings and sculptures. Media used may include pencil, charcoal, watercolor paint and oil...

Archery & Shooting Teacher

Preparing lesson plans, teaching classes and evaluating student progress. Encouraging students and acting as teacher\u2013advisors for students. Maintaining

Hr Executive

An HR executive performs the basic functions of the HR department, handling areas such as personnel management, social welfare and the maintenance of HR


Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information. ... Summarizes current financial status by collecting


Expectations and Responsibilities of Coaches. 1. The coaches will maintain a role of coach as professional and will keep the role of coach in proper

Band Master

initiate evacuation of the building/workplace. brief emergency service personnel on their arrival and thereafter act on the instructions of the emergency

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